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Teacup kittens previously adopted from Catscreation!

Our Petite teacup Doll Faced Persian kittens are bred from exclusive Grand Champion lines. Breeding beautiful, loving, & healthy kittens since 1998. All of our CatsCreation babies are family raised underfoot, NEVER caged. Our little angels are friendly and love children, adults, & other pets alike. You are welcome to come visit! We Specialize in the finest White, Chinchilla, Golden and Silver Baby Faced Persians available, a CFA registered cattery ,our kittens come with a written health guarantee and a state health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian.

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Teacup Kitten lying down Teacup kitten looking up
Teacup kitten laying on pink flower

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Born to Adeline ( Addie) a female white chinchilla doll faced Persian cat and Pauly a male doll faced chinchilla silver Persain cat. A chinchilla kitten has a white coat with silver tipping on the ends of their fur. A chinchilla silver Teacup Persian Kitten can appear white. Shaded Silver Doll Faced Persian Kittens have more coloring than the Chinchilla silver’s. They are still very tiny and have a Sweet, and playful personality making them a great family pet.
No longer for sale. Hadassah (Dassy) has been retained by Catscreation for our future breeding program. Expected weight is around 5 pounds full grown.


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Also included with each Persian Kitten Sale is an exclusive Little Luxuries Kitten Accessory Kit which includes everything you need to get your new precious Doll Faced Persian baby off to a good start including Stylish Kitten Carrier, Super Soft Baby Blanket, Birth to Eight Weeks Photo DVD with Customized Slide Show of your new arrival, Toys, Personalized CatsCreation Pedigree, Kitten Guide, Health Record, First Aid Tips, Healthful Vitamin Trial, Nutritious Food Sample, and a Customized Product Resource List.

A $100 deposit will hold your choice until adoption day and can be submitted via paypal, personal check, or money order. If you have questions or would like to reserve, please email [email protected] or call Linda at 407.709.9541. Click here to view our Available Teacup Chinchilla, White, and Silver Persian Kittens.

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Free Little Luxury kit with every Shaded Silver, Chinchilla or White Persian Kitten purchased!



Email [email protected] or Call Linda today at 407.709.9541




Miniature kittens available here! You will Receive a Little Luxury Kit with every Persian Kitten Sale!

Home | Available Kittens | Contract | Dads | Email

Moms | Past Kittens | Teacup Kittens | Upcoming Litters

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Contact us at [email protected] or 407.709.9541 for your perfect kitten! CFA Cattery of Excellence Check out our new site designed just for your cellular device!

"A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not." - Ernest Hemingway   

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